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Leading Your Church Through Change

God is the only one who is constant. Everything else changes. - Zarat Boyd In this training video from Exponential…

East Meets West | Ray Chang | DJ Chuang

The danger is that culture becomes more important than the Gospel. - Ray Chang In this podcast from Exponential West…


Sending Church Systems | Ed Stetzer | Dhati Lewis

How do we make disciple-making, not A ministry of the church, but THE ministry of the church? -Dhati Lewis It’s…


Building a Culture of Generosity Post-Launch

In church planting, you don't inherit a culture, you get to set a culture. - Jim Sheppard Your church now…


Activating Your Congregation | Jonathan Falwell

Our God can use anybody to change the world. - Jonathan Falwell Everyone in a congregation is meant to take…

Planting Contextualized Churches | Nick Parsons

We need to really understand the world in which the people we're trying to reach live. - Nick Parsons Misapplication…


We Messed Up So You Don’t Have To | Exponential

God has called you to the mission - not the metrics - Josh Burnett In this podcast from Exponential East…

Creating a Disciple Making Culture: DEFINE IT – Establishing a Biblical Culture for Disciple Making

There is not a distinction between a Christian and a disciple - Jim Putman Real Life Ministries Senior Pastor, Jim…


Planting a Church Changes Everything | Brian & Amy Bloye | Exponential

Planting a church isn't easy, but it is possible to do more than survive the process - you can actually…


Praying for Your Church Plant | Jeff Leake | Exponential

Make this a partnership with God as you join Him in prayer for your new church - Jeff Leake In…


Keys to Culture and to the Human Heart | Alan Hirsch

Holiness is not abstraction ... it's missional, it's redemptive, and brings back that which is lost. - Alan Hirsch In…

When Good News Moves into Your Neighborhood

The issue isn't who is your neighbor; it's will you be a neighbor? Jesus said the entire law of God…


Healthy Rhythms

for Leaders


By Winfield Bevins

& Mark Dunwoody