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Prayer is Returning to Public Schools

The landmark 1962 ruling of Engel v. Vitale removed school-sponsored prayer from public schools.  The justices ruled that it violated the First Amendment’s establishment clause, which states, “Congress shall make

The Rise of Multi-Vocational Ministry

The word vocation is derived from the Latin term vocatio, which means a “calling” or “summons.”   A person’s vocation is bigger than their job. It is a sense of purpose

Social Media, Happy Hours, and Simple Churches

In 2023, approximately 8 billion people lived on planet earth, and 380 million lived in North America. The average American knows the names of 500 individuals, and the typical Facebook

Innovation Starts Here

When it comes to innovation, a good idea is not necessarily a “God idea.” The difference between the two is a matter of discernment… and discernment requires an ability to


NEXT Ventures: 12 Ministries to Follow

Last week, more than 70 mission-minded leaders and entrepreneurs gathered in Austin, Texas for NEXT Ventures, an innovative approach to finding, connecting, and learning from pioneering leaders as they present