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The Acts 9:31 Empowerment Model

Pushing my 1969 GTO muscle car down main street was an embarrassing irony for my 12th grade soul. I had the fastest car in town, but it was out of

5 Key Ways We Create and Cultivate Culture

Since the beginning of creation, humanity has been creating and cultivating—bringing into existence new ideas and new life, while simultaneously establishing a culture where ideas and life either flourish or

Celebrating the Faithfulness of God

Earlier this year, two healthy multiethnic churches in and near Charlotte, NC, celebrated double-digit anniversaries.  Together with the people of Mosaic Church (Charlotte), founding pastors Naeem and Ashley Fazal celebrated

Planting Glocal Churches for the World

As followers of Christ we have been called to make disciples and to bring life and hope to a world of decay, disease, and death. The New Testament is a

Empowering the Church

In this new season of (almost) post-COVID ecclesiology, we’re seeing pastors, church leaders, and planters struggle to find movement. Not only are congregants increasingly tired, mentally retreating, and instilling new

Catch the Wind of the Spirit and Move

Reactions to an empowered life and leadership are likely all over the map. Excitement. Skepticism. Curiosity. And perhaps confirmation, good or bad, of your own past experiences. 

Empowered Culture

The Spirit-Empowered Culture By Dave Ferguson, President, Exponential 2022 Culture is a leader’s single greatest asset. Why? Because culture works 24/7. Culture never rests. A church’s culture continually reinforces its

Empowered Life

Keeping In Step With The Spirit By Dave Ferguson, President, Exponential 2022 Living in sync with the Holy Spirit is not meant to be a one-time event but an ongoing