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LNP 49 | Overcoming Resistance to Soul Care

The topic of soul care is often surrounded by confusion or suspicion by hard-driving leaders. Ben Cachairis helps us see this from a senior leader’s eyes, with the hope of

LNP 48 | Reigniting Interest in the Local Church

If you’re passionate about the intersection of faith, community, and generational shifts, this episode is your compass for navigating these uncharted waters. Join Aaron Barnett & Hannah Gronowski Barnett as

LNP 47 | Microchurches for the Next Generation

Older paradigms of student ministry were focused on centralized expressions that required the next generation to be good inviters. Gen Z believers are hungry for more. They recognize they’re living

LNP 46 | Mind the Gap

How is you church stepping into the gap? The gap between your church and your community won’t just close itself. It requires a change in mindset. In this podcast, Gabe

LNP 45 | Parents And The Next Generation

In this episode, we will discuss the importance of parents and their role within the Next Generation and the church. As Next Gen leaders, it’s vitally important to have a

susan freese

LNP 44 | Mobilizing Women Around the World

All In Ministries International wants to mobilize an army of women to make disciples and impact communities around the world. In this episode, Susan Freese, Founder and President, shares her

LNP 43 | The Future is About Integration

We listened. We learned. The second finding from our “Listening Tour,” the Future is About Integration, is explored further with Cheyanne Skeldon, a leading voice in Next Gen ministry, technology

LNP 41, Ben Hardman

LNP 41 | Reimagining Church for the Marketplace

Many pastors know that their church should be impacting the marketplace – they just don’t know how to do it. In this podcast, Dave Rhodes interviews Kingdom Dreams Initiative Founder